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Friday, 18 May 2007 16:37

Here's the list of people who have registered for the 27th Febuary 2008 FRAG LAN Battle of offices Rectron Day.

If you registered over 24 hours ago and your name is not in the list, please let DouglasH know.

People are listed in the order in which their registration was received.

Event staff:

  • James aka jbaillie
  • Douglas aka douglash
  • Erika aka Chickabë
  • Kieron aka Ron2K (site admin / standby DJ.. and good @ trance-mixing)
  • Brendan aka DJBK (Resident DJ)
  • Richard aka ratman
  • Keith aka Phobiac
  • Severina aka gecko
  • Trishan aka Fiber-optics
  • Ben aka RobThePyro (off sick)


- If clans are happy with the stage we will continue to put them there. That will then be a dedicated clan section with the acception of FIB as they have there allocated spot on the on the floor.

VIP Section

The ViP section is available on booking only. There are only 14 VIP Spots available in the gallery at FRAG. We get the door open for the next FRAG we promise. Booking for VIP only availible at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

All LANgames bookings are automatically accepted. All other bookings via email will be displayed here .


  • At the moment, we are not sure if we'll have space for ViP's. This will be decided on the day and you will have the option at the door.

Accepted via E-mail/Phone/SMS


  • To be announced....


Accepted via LANgames

  • To be announced...



Total Bookings :


  • None as yet

On standby



(unless you give a very valid reason for us to reject you, this shouldn't happen)

Total: 0

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