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Friday, 18 May 2007 11:09

 FRAG LAN Netgear Switch

Our network is 10/100/1000 Gigabit all the way.

For the floor we use the Netgear GS748T, which is a 48 port Gigabit smart switch. This allows us to run 2 Gigabyte network cables between the floor and core switch allowing 2.0Gbps (~238MB/s) traffic between them.

For cabling, we use CAT 5e between floor PCs and the floor switches, and CAT 6 cable between floor switches and the core switch.

IP addresses at the event are assigned at door on your payment slip. Please don't go and assign yourself an IP address unless we tell you to, as it may cause an IP conflict with another PC on the network. If you don't know how to configure your network adapter, then ask us; we'll be happy to show you how.

We have an FTP server which will host game patches, graphics card drivers and anti-virus and firewall software for those who don't have. Access details will be given to you at the registration desk.


We had recently added 2 additional netgear switches to our collection making the entire network Gigabyte. This make one of the fastest netowrks in the gaming business as having 48  port means less uplinks.

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