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FRAG LAN :: Event Rules
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Friday, 18 May 2007 10:31
We're all going to the LAN party to have fun, so we don't want loads of rules to bog us down. Most of this stuff is common sense, but here's the guidelines. Failure to follow these rules, or failure to follow the requests of the admins will result in the offender(s) being asked to leave. We will, of course, keep your donation to the event. (Translation - "No Refunds").

  • The hall is the property of UKZN, who have kindly allowed us to use it. Respect the hall, and all other equipment in it.
  • Feel free to eat and drink around your computer, but please respect other people's systems and don't eat or drink around theirs. (Also, if you spill anything, CLEAN IT UP!) Also, throw your rubbish out regularly.
  • No alcohol will be permitted - it's a venue rule which has to be respected.
  • If you like puffing away on cancer sticks, that's fine... but do it OUTSIDE.
  • There will be some slagging and namecalling at the event, we know there's nothing that can be done to stop this. If you frag someone, expect some choice words to come from their general direction - it's half the fun of a LAN, and you'd be expected to return fire with some bragging of your own. If the slagging and namecalling gets to the point of being downright nasty and aggressive, expect to be warned, and asked to leave if it continues.
  • Similar to the slagging, bad language will no doubt be heard flying about. This is OK to a point, but if you are standing around casually, not playing, and every second word is F*$@ or S4!7, then again, expect a warning. It's simply not needed.
  • Theft WILL NOT be tolerated. If anyone is caught stealing any property, the police will be called. (We really don't want to have to do this folks).
  • There will be an "admin area" where the servers/admin PCs/core switches will be located. Please do not enter this area unless asked. If you want to see the blinking lights, or want to know how a server works, ask, we're happy to show you or explain (even if it's not that exciting).
  • Leave the networking infrastructure alone, even if you're a networking expert. Fiddling can cause problems for other users. If there is a networking problem, let the admins know.
  • Headphones only, no speakers allowed, everyone needs to be able to hear their own game, and no one else's. if you do bring speakers, they will be disconnected and you can have them back after the event. We will have a DJ (or 2) at the event who will provide the music. If you don't like it, request for a change, but this cannot be guaranteed. Requests can be made via the DJ (who is allowed to say no) and an admin (who is also allowed to say no).
  • Only computers and monitors may be plugged into the power grid. No¬†UPS devices, fans, bar fridges, tesla coils, etc. We only have a limited amount of power to go around and pushing the limits trips the switches.
  • The FRAG network is intended to be used for gaming purposes. You are responsible for your own actions in the use of this network, and for ensuring the legality of all software and data you have on your computer, and/or share on the network.
  • No "Unsociable" network behaviour (hacking, cracking, cheating, etc). This is at the discretion of the admins, and basically includes anything that compromises network speed, system security, or other people's frag rates.
  • Please don't assign yourself a static IP address unless instructed to by an admin. No-one wants to be on the receiving end of an IP conflict. The event will use DHCP unless otherwise stated
  • If you break / damage any equipment (Including hall property, someone else's machine, or our network gear), you will be held responsible for repair / replacement costs.
  • Player computers and equipment are the responsibility of the player. The organisers and venue representatives accept no responsibility for any damage, theft or loss of equipment brought to the LAN.
  • Anyone who sees another attendee breaching any rule is encouraged to report the breach to an admin, we want to keep FRAG a safe and suitable environment for ALL attendees.
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