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FRAG-tastic LAN
Thursday, 03 April 2008 01:31

As the title says, this past LAN that happned on the 28th March at Crawford College was our best event yet. Maybe not the biggest we have had, but certainly the most enjoyed. The forums are a buzz with feedback from the gamers that attended the event. Click here and here to see what I mean.

A big thanks goes to Craig from Comstar Technologies in Durban for the prizes they sponsored, we sincerely hope to have Comstar on board for the future. Once again, NGR Computers sponsored the event as well and we thank them for that.

BIG UP to Evax for running the tournaments superbly, he did a brilliant job at organising and ensuring the tournaments ran smoothly.

News from the front: FRAG needs a venue for the next LAN. If you know of a venue, please contact either James or myself to let us know. Our details are on "The Team" page located here.

 The date has not been set for the next event yet, but will be posted on LANgames as soon as a venue is secured. Please keep your browser on this page for further updates.

Pictures from the latest event are up on the forums and are located here.

See you at the next event.


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Tuesday, 11 March 2008 12:41

I'm sad to announce that we've lost one of our team members - KillerByte is off to Gauteng to work as a hardware writer for Intelligence Publishing (the people that bring you PCFormat, amongst other titles).

While we're sorry to see him go, we're hoping that he'll be able to bring PCF on board for events in the future (like what happened with the December 2007 event).

Cheers mate - enjoy the new job, and don't forget about us down here! 

February Event News
Thursday, 06 March 2008 13:52

Hi all, just a few updates from the latest event that happened from the 29th February to the 2nd March at Crawford College, La Lucia. Pictures of the event are located here.


We had an amazing turnout of people, in fact some may argue too much for the venue to cater for. The setup of the venue went smoothly and we would like to thank all those that helped setup the venue on Friday. The LAN started fine, with just a slight hiccup or 2 here and there and by about 10pm on Friday evening, the LAN was running smoothly.


Evax ran our tournaments for us and being the first time he has done something like this, we all think he did a brilliant job and Evax has agreed to continue running the tournaments for FRAG. The winners of the tournaments are as follows:

Call of Duty 4

In the finals we saw FiB up against NBK and in the end it was FiB who came out tops; The respective teams were as follows:

FiB;        Evax, Scoper, Craolia, Pooks and Kaname
NBK;      Waldo, Rogue-Trooper, Azazel, D@>< and Draconus

A picture of the winners of the COD4 tournament:

FiB(apologies for the poor quality of photo, it was late...(",)

FRAG Feb 08 COD4 Winners

A picture of the runners-up of the Call of Duty 4 tournament:


FRAG Feb 08 COD4 Runners Up



The finals for the DoTA tournament was held between TA and once again, FiB. FiB won the DoTA tournament as well:

The Teams for the DoTA tournament:

TA;      Sense1Gohan, Sicko, Buttrfingrs, Highlander and Smok1Bong
FiB;      Evax, Scoper, Craolia, Pooks and Kaname

All in all, the tournaments were well contested, but yet still proved to some of the clans there is a lot more practice needed. What better place to come and practice and compete than at FRAG LAN. Make sure you book for the next event, it's going to be even better.

See you there!!!


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